XanthoMyst TESTING RESULTS Demonstrate a Scientific Breakthrough!

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XanthoMyst Video Summary

The provided transcript is a video introduction of a new product discovery called “Xanthomyst”  offering high bio-deliverability of xanthones derived from mangosteen pericarp into the body using a proprietary 10x pure Nano Emulsion technology. The video describes how the mangosteen fruit has been hailed for its health-promoting properties for thousands of years, but until recently, only a small amount of the xanthones were able to be absorbed into the body. 

The video presents XanthoMyst as the fastest-acting, most bioavailable, and potent mangosteen product on the market, delivering 5,000 parts per million of Alpha mangosteen-derived xanthones per serving, compared to 7.5 parts per million for a capsule powdered product and 1.5 parts per million for a mangosteen juice product. The video suggests that the benefits of XanthoMyst include supporting the immune system, cardiovascular system, brain function, intestinal health, and blood sugar levels, as well as promoting a healthy inflammatory response and protecting the body from germs and toxins.

XanthoMyst bioavailability graph comparing XanthoMyst to other products delivering xanthones.

XanthoMyst bioavailability graph comparing XanthoMyst to other products delivering xanthones.

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Video Transcript

“Hi everybody this is David Arcangelo, Global Marketing Director CTFO stay with me for a few minutes I’m going to share with you the testing results for our XanthoMyst products in regard to the potent delivery of mangosteen xanthones into your body compared to a couple of competitive products. 

So when I say proud to be first as you see on the screen we really mean it it’s been an exciting time at CTFO and this is just the beginning but let’s back up a little bit we’re talking about the mangosteen fruit which is the basis of our XanthoMyst product.

Mangosteen is a super fruit it’s hailed around the world and what I want you to remember is millions of people over thousands of years have talked and gloated about this product for its Superior health-promoting properties so the only problem was until recently only a small amount of the xanthones were absorbed into the body yet the testimonials were absolutely fantastic they’re off the chart it’s lasted thousands of years millions of people. 

In the last 20 years you saw a lot of mangosteen products come to Market in popularity in the testimonials but only a small amount of the xanthones which are the prize possession along with some other molecules in the Rind of the fruit are absorbed into the body can you imagine what would be possible if we could increase the potency and delivery of the xanthone rich nutrients stay with me… our commitment to developing truly effective and life-enhancing products led us to this groundbreaking discovery a PhD scientist using technology working for us widely used in the pharmaceutical industry successfully demonstrated a proprietary 10x pure Nano Emulsion technology.

We made a scientific discovery to make this happen the results are a direct result of that Nano emulsion technology that we discovered and it unlocks the true potential of xanthone molecules found abundantly in the Rind of the mangosteen fruit. 

So let me back up before we get to the slide that tells the story it’s an interesting fact that as early as 600 A. D scribes recorded the use of the mangosteen in the support of Maintenance of good health. 

What all the excitements’ about there’s over 200 xanthones that exist in nature this these prize molecules that have the potential benefits that we’ll talk about 70 plus of those xanthones are in the mangosteen fruit in approximately 40 plus maybe 46 or so xanthones are in the Rind the pericarp they call it of the fruit there’s more xanthones in the pericarp OR rind of the mangosteen than any other source on Earth 

So let’s get to our testing introducing our latest 10x pure breakthrough technology 2023 what you’ll see on the left is our XanthoMyst product and what you’ll see on the right are our product a and product B product a is a capsule powdered product mangosteen xanthan-rich ingredients and product B is a mangosteen juice popular product and we give them all credit for being in the marketplace and being a participant in this industry but what happens what does the graph say what happened if you look at the bottom the graph demonstrates the amount of xanthone-rich compounds being delivered on a per serving basis so each of these three products we test it on a per serving basis of how much was being delivered of the xanthone.

The most popular xanthone is Alpha mangosteen xanthone is 5 000 parts per million per serving product a the capsule is seven and a half product B the juice one and a half parts per million I just gotta have a simple question for you is five thousand better than seven and a half and if it’s better than seven and a half it’s obviously better than one and a half millions of people over thousands of years extol the benefits but most of the the potent most of the active ingredient wasn’t getting through their body to the destination for the first time the most potent bioavailable fast acting ingredient the xanthone molecules can get to their destination just imagine the possibilities if the Twist and Mist XanthoMyst is if people do it every day into the soft tissue onto the soft tissue in the back of your mouth for delivery into the body the benefits have been significant if you read potentially supports over a health and well-being supports a healthy cardiovascular system think about this five thousand per serving versus seven and a half or one and a half parts per million the active ingredient supports a healthy inflammatory response inflammation is a key driver supports a healthy immune system protects your body from germs such as bacteria fungi and toxins provides healthy blood sugar support critical supports a healthy brain function adaptogenic in nature supports the body’s resilience to stress and finally it’s rich in tannins found to promote intestinal health.

This is just a few we’re proud to be a leader we’re proud of the discovery but more importantly think about the enormous potential impact of the Nano emulsions when people twist and miss droplets so tiny they’re absorbed through the soft tissue of your mouth and into your body so fast there’s very little to swallow millions of people over thousands of years extol the benefits and they were getting hardly the tip of the iceberg finally XanthoMyst the fastest acting most bioavailable and potent AL mangosteen product ever brought to Market thank you everybody this is David Arcangelo Global Marketing Director CTFO looking forward to an incredible run with XanthoMyst and the benefits that people will enjoy”

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