We have available a complete SETIS bioreactor system, brand new still crated, that was purchased by one of our contributors, a start-up, who has decided to allocate all resources in pursuit of a retail CBD market opportunity. The complete setup detailed below is available at a very substantial discount. 3rd party consulting is also available for assistance in setup and startup operations.

Will Cannabis Producers Ditch Greenhouses for Bioreactors?

Plants aren’t always the perfect medium for producing high-value compounds. Turns out, cannabinoids can be brewed with microbes instead.

Indoor cultivation of cannabis may only allow four to six harvests per year, whereas a single bioreactor can provide more than 23 harvests per year.

While a 1 million square-foot greenhouse might yield only 16 metric tons of cannabinoids per year, a fermentation facility of the same footprint and investment could generate in the neighborhood of 1,000 metric tons annually, which is why microbial fermentation has been such an attractive technology for food, pharmaceutical, and industrial chemicals for so long. 

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A Complete Bioreactor System

TIS (Temporary Immersion System) Macropropagation

This is a complete turnkey system. 3rd party onsite consultation is available for setup and startup on a fee basis.  Contact Mr. Blair Merriam for pricing, inventory and discount information. This is the only system available for sale and is new, still crated at our facility in the US. No delays with overseas shipping, currency conversion, customs delays. Be ready to go immediately.. 

Automated Controller and Software

SE-CK4 Controls

Oil-free Air Compressor with 501 Tank and Drain 110vac


Air Dryer 110V


Package includes 128 bioreactor containers and 2 racks


Package Inventory

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