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The provided transcript is a video introduction of a new product discovery called “Xanthomyst”  offering high bio-deliverability of xanthones derived from mangosteen pericarp into the body using a proprietary 10x pure Nano Emulsion technology. The video describes how the mangosteen fruit has been hailed for its health-promoting properties for thousands of years, but until recently, only a small amount of the xanthones were able to be absorbed into the body. 

XanthoMyst Video

The video presents Xanthomyst as the fastest-acting, most bioavailable, and potent mangosteen product on the market, delivering 5,000 parts per million of Alpha mangosteen-derived xanthones per serving, compared to 7.5 parts per million for a capsule powdered product and 1.5 parts per million for a mangosteen juice product. The video suggests that the benefits of Xanthomyst include supporting the immune system, cardiovascular system, brain function, intestinal health, and blood sugar levels, as well as promoting a healthy inflammatory response and protecting the body from germs and toxins.

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