XanthoMyst Business Opportunity

Interview with Ted Wilson on joining CTFO. Ted has generated 100’s of millions of dollars in network marketing and believes that the CTFO discovery of XanthoMyst is the single greatest nutrition discovery, ever.


Ted Wilson is a 26 year veteran of the network marketing industry, with a specialization in health and nutrition. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a master’s in nutrition.

A true coach in “home-preneurship” Ted has mentored 68 people to 6-figure annual incomes working from home, and 14 people who are categorically 7-figure multi-millionaire earners. Ted’s passion is people and helping people learn to live an extraordinary life.

Ted has been trained by some of the world’s foremost experts in abundant living including Tony Robbins, and the late Jim Rohn. Ted has the unusual capacity of training people on both the emotional/psychological level as well as the linear or educational approach of logic.

He is a gifted communicator and is highly touted as one of the rare experts in the diverse world of direct selling and network marketing. Ted, and his wife and 2 teenage children live in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada.

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